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Luca Russo, Brand Ambassador of PUNI, participated in the inaugural edition of “The Essence of Craft” on May 12, 2024, as one of three artisans at the enchanting Castel Mareccio in Bolzano. During the event, Luca captivated the audience with an engaging overview of the world of Italian whisky and the remarkable PUNI distillery.

Discovering PUNI: the pioneering Italian whisky distillery Primo post 1
Discovering PUNI: the pioneering Italian whisky distillery 26 1

PUNI’s presence in the region

Luca introduced PUNI as the epitome of Italian excellence in the global whisky landscape, emphasizing its pioneering role as Italy’s first distillery. He painted a vivid picture of the natural environment surrounding PUNI, highlighting the importance of the majestic Italian Alps and the pristine waters from the Stelvio National Park in shaping the unique identity of their distillates. Luca explained how the crystal-clear water, with its purity and clarity, is the perfect companion for the distillation of their precious liquor. Additionally, the variable climate of South Tyrol, marked by hot summers and cold winters, enhances the evolution of the distillates within wooden casks, giving PUNI‘s Italian Malt Whisky a unique complexity and balance even after short aging periods.

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Photos from the event “The Essence of Craft”, May 12, 2024

Innovative architecture merging tradition and modernity

A significant part of Luca’s presentation focused on the distillery’s innovative architecture, which perfectly embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity. He praised the work of architect Werner Tscholl in creating a structure that combines traditional elements of local architecture with a modern and ambitious vision. The building draws inspiration from the region’s ancient architectural traditions, particularly the construction method used in barn windows, where the outer walls are made of staggered red bricks to create a checkerboard pattern.

Traditional stills with a touch of innovation

Luca enthusiastically described PUNI’s innovative approach to whisky production, highlighting the use of stills heated with superheated water instead of steam—a unique method that imparts a distinct and refined character to their distillates. He also emphasized the uniqueness of the two copper stills, crafted by Forsyths and positioned in the center of the distillery, which are only partially visible.

Discovering PUNI: the pioneering Italian whisky distillery 24

Elegant and refined design

Another highlight of the presentation was the elegant design of the bottles and product packaging, crafted by industrial designer Christian Zanzotti. Luca noted how the design perfectly reflects PUNI’s identity, with the bottle’s sleek shape inspired by the stills and the black lacquer adding a touch of mystery and sophistication, echoing the distinctive stills mentioned earlier. Additionally, the wrap-around label ensures the bottle’s design remains uniform and captivating from any angle, providing a unique and engaging visual experience.


The constant commitment to the quality of Italian whisky

Finally, Luca emphasized PUNI’s unwavering commitment to quality, underscoring the importance of traditional methods combined with modern science to ensure high standards at every stage of the production process. He also highlighted the significance of the ingredients, explaining that their mission is to create a whisky with a gentle and fruity character, achieved through the combination of three distinct grains. While the barley and wheat are sourced from Germany, the rye used is local, coming from an ancient cultivation near the Abbey of Santa Maria.

In conclusion, Luca conveyed to the audience that PUNI is more than just a distillery—it is a place where tradition and innovation merge to create a unique experience in the world of Italian whisky. The event was a success, leaving the audience inspired and eager to learn more about the allure and distinctive taste of PUNI’s distillates.