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On May 12, 2024, the enchanting setting of Castel Mareccio in Bolzano hosted the inaugural edition of “The Essence of Craft“. During this event, Axel Brunoni, founder and CEO of monthea, narrated the extraordinary evolution of the company, from its humble beginnings to becoming an established name in the high-quality tea and infusion sector.

Roots in a garage, wings in tradition of tea: the story of monthea Secondo post 1
Roots in a garage, wings in tradition of tea: the story of monthea 19

The history of monthea

Axel took the audience on a captivating journey through monthea‘s history, starting from its inception in an unheated garage where he and his partner hand-packaged loose tea bags and handcrafted labels. This modest beginning marked the start of a path characterized by commitment, passion, and dedication, leading monthea to secure a prestigious location in Bolzano with a team of four people and continuous business growth.

During his presentation, Axel shared monthea’s mission: to offer high-quality teas and infusions made with fresh herbs and fruits from South Tyrol, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible agricultural practices. This commitment reflects monthea’s deep respect for the environment and awareness of the importance of reducing its activities’ impact on the planet.

Roots in a garage, wings in tradition of tea: the story of monthea DSCF1926
Photos from the event “The Essence of Craft”, May 12, 2024

Craftsmanship encapsulated in a cup of tea

Axel emphasized the central role of craftsmanship in monthea’s identity, describing himself not only as a CEO but also as an artisan in his way of thinking and acting. He highlighted the importance of preserving artisanal traditions in the modern world and celebrated the value of tea as a moment of pause and connection with the ancient tea culture, which honors the ritual of preparing and enjoying this timeless beverage.


The balance between tradition and innovation was a recurring theme in Axel’s speech. He illustrated how monthea has successfully combined its deep roots in the ancient tea culture, originating from China, with an innovative approach, making its products suitable for modern and fast-paced life.

Choosing the right blend, preparation technique, and suitable cup are just some of the essential steps that contribute to creating a unique tasting experience. Every aspect, from infusion to water quality, affects the final result and enriches the tea moment with a touch of magic and authenticity.

Axel also emphasized the importance of mindfulness in the tea-making process, suggesting that the act of preparing and drinking tea can be a form of meditation, helping to center and focus the mind.

According to Axel, the pleasure of sipping freshly prepared tea is unparalleled and goes beyond simply drinking a beverage: it’s a sensory experience that engages both mind and body, offering feelings of calm and well-being. There is no wrong time to enjoy tea or an infusion; every moment is the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the ancient tradition and savor the unique taste of this beverage.

Roots in a garage, wings in tradition of tea: the story of monthea 18

From tradition to future along a meaningful path

For Axel, ethics and sustainability are integral parts of monthea’s philosophy. He explained how the company is committed to promoting environmental and social sustainability through the use of organic ingredients, reducing the environmental impact of packaging, and supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

Axel concluded his presentation with optimism and determination, expressing his confidence in consolidating monthea’s market position and becoming a reference point in the food and beverage sector. He shared his vision of creating a brand that offers not only high-quality products but also an authentic and unique experience in the world of teas and infusions.

In conclusion, Axel’s passionate speech inspired the audience at the event, conveying the belief that craftsmanship is the heartbeat of monthea and that investing in it will bring great rewards in the future.

Roots in a garage, wings in tradition of tea: the story of monthea 20