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Our purpose

The Makers Club is an attitude, an exclusive lifestyle. It's a system of values that draws inspiration from the past and tradition to look towards the future, like in the purest craftsmanship. It's a sustainable system of values that creates space and time for the contemporary and authentic man, through unique experiences that involve body, mind, and spirit. Our purpose is to nurture and pass on this attitude, this lifestyle, this system of values to take care of the well-being of man and his psycho-physical wellness.

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Why choose our products?

We are an Experience Brand for the contemporary man. The brand captures the highest concepts of craftsmanship to create excellent barbering services, a community open to creative uniqueness, and cosmetic and trichocosmetic products for personal care made by artisans for artisans through a sustainable quality supply chain. We are the spokesperson for an exclusive experience, a true immersion where time slows down in an authentic space to rediscover oneself and enrich oneself in the name of care and psycho-physical well-being.


Imagine a world that appreciates and safeguards craftsmanship and its values: excellence, pushing boundaries, and the ability to combine traditional knowledge with innovative thinking to create something beautiful and unique. Where human creativity meets a love for detail, we step out of uniformity to embrace tactility, physicality, and the sensation of something real. In the same world, envision the contemporary man rediscovering his masculinity in his own individuality.

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We don’t just take care of beards and hair with craftsmanship, we don’t simply offer high-quality cosmetic and haircare products, we are not just another brand. We create space and time for an attitude, a lifestyle, and a set of values that enrich the contemporary man’s life with unique experiences.

Our manifesto

These are the 10 values and ideals we believe in and that guide every action of ours:

The experience.

It is a source of life and gives meaning to our existence.


The exclusivity.

True is what is unique and special.


The craftsmanship.

It is our past and our future.


The tradition.

It is the cultural heritage that our ancestors have left us.


The innovation.

It is the fruit of creativity and the engine for a better tomorrow.


The sustainability.

It is the root for an ethical development of society and the environment.


The masculinity.

It is the freedom of man to express himself in his many facets.


The authenticity.

It is the ability of people and things to follow their own nature.


The care.

It is the essence of humanity and shared prosperity.


The well-being.

It is where body, mind, and spirit come together.