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The Essence of Craft:

2 events, 6 artisans, 1 community

“The Essence of Craft,” the emblem of the semi-annual events reserved for the exclusive members of our vibrant community, The Makers Club. These events represent a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the narratives, inspirations, and experiences shared by carefully selected artists and artisans who continue to explore and celebrate the core values of craftsmanship and art, embracing tradition and quality without succumbing to the temptations of industrialization in their production and creative processes.

In each edition, three distinct artisans strive to convey, in an informal and engaging manner, their passion and craftsmanship, providing an overview of their creative journey and the methodologies adopted in creating their unique works.

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This page aims to be a dynamic and evolving platform, dedicated to celebrating and documenting the continuous evolution of our community and the diverse mosaic of talents and ideas within it. Through the narration of these experiences, we hope to inspire a deeper connection with the authenticity and craftsmanship that characterize the essence of craftsmanship, fostering a continuous and stimulating dialogue between the members of The Makers Club and the distinguished guests who honor us with their presence and sharing.

In this section, you will find a series of curated articles to announce upcoming events and provide a preview of the speakers who will enrich the event agenda with their testimonies. After each appointment, we invite you to explore the dedicated content for each craftsman or artist, where their techniques, visions, and impressions aroused during the event will be explored in detail.

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