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An exclusive community

Join The Makers Club's exclusive community, an experience reserved for a limited number of people who prioritize quality and are inspired by the noble values of craftsmanship. Here, our affiliates enjoy numerous benefits and access to exclusive events:

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Priority access to appointments for services at the barbershop:

We offer affiliates the opportunity to book appointments at the barbershop with priority. This means they have access to privileged time slots and can avoid waiting, ensuring further comfort and convenience.

20% discount on haircuts and services at the barbershop and 10% off on purchases of The Makers Club products:

Affiliates receive a 20% discount on all cutting and treatment services offered at the barbershop. Additionally, they get a 10% discount on purchases of The Makers Club products.

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Complimentary kit of The Makers Club products:

Affiliates receive an exclusive complimentary kit containing a selection of high-quality products from The Makers Club.

Concrete support and visibility to artisans and artists:

With great commitment, we provide support to local artisans and artists. We place them at the center of attention during our exclusive events “The Essence of Craft”, helping to give them the visibility they need.

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Participation in The Essence of Craft events:

Affiliates will have the opportunity to participate in two annual events called “The Essence of Craft,” where they can listen to inspirations, stories, and experiences directly from selected artisans and artists. These events offer a unique perspective on the world of art and craftsmanship. At the events, there is the opportunity to bring a second person.

Booking and purchasing in pre-sales of the artisanal and artistic products presented at "The Essence of Craft" events:

Affiliates have the opportunity to book and purchase artisanal and artistic products presented at “The Essence of Craft” events in advance. This is an exclusive opportunity to be among the first to obtain these unique creations.

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Tradition. Craftsmanship. Lifestyle.

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For just 260€ per year, you can enjoy all the benefits of the community and get to know people like you.

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